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AILAND is more than just another battle royale game. It's an innovative virtual world set in 2052 where you can compete, socialize, and earn unique A-Tokens that hold real-world value.

AI Avatars

Cutting-edge AI Avatars you can play and interact with using text or voice

PvP & PvE

PvP and PvE game modes with players, bots and AI NPCs


An in-game marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade rare skins

Token Rewards

Earn A-tokens while playing and swap them to real money

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Don't miss your chance! Limited spots! 33,331 joined already!

A Truly Next-Gen Gaming Experience

Take gaming to the next level with AILAND's groundbreaking features:

  • 🤖 AI Avatars – Have fun and talk with a personalized AI avatar
  • 💸 Token Rewards – Earn A-tokens while playing and swap to real money
  • 💱 In-Game Marketplace – Buy, sell, and trade rare items
  • 🌟 Your Creations, Your Money – Design custom skins and sell them
  • 🏆 Competitive – Join ranked modes with your friends

AILAND offers the best of both worlds - the thrills of a AAA shooter combined with the money-making potential of WEB3 games.

The Lore Of AILAND

AILAND was created in the year 2052 by an advanced AI seeking to address humanity’s needs in a world facing economic collapse. With jobs displaced by technology, people needed new opportunities to earn, compete, and find purpose.

Thus, AILAND was conceived – a virtual realm where people could start fresh, connect, and thrive in a player-driven economy. Powered by the unique A-Tokens, digital assets with real-world value.

AILAND is set in a sprawling virtual island in that contains a variety of unique and exciting locations:

Lightning-fast action across 4 addictive modes

Battle Royale

Be the last player standing as the map shrinks


Battle with other players in close-quarters matches


Deathmatch variant with a deadly shrinking zone


Embark on story-driven co-op missions

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What is AILAND?

AILAND is an innovative next-gen shooter set in a virtual world in 2052. It combines competitive TPS gameplay with opportunities to earn real money through in-game rewards, trading, and selling player-created items.

When does AILAND launch?

We are planning to launch AILAND alpha test in Q2 2024. The alpha test version will be available for selected players. Sign up on our waitlist to get early access!

What makes AILAND different from other games?

AILAND introduces never-before-seen features like:

  • AI avatars
  • The ability to withdraw in-game earnings as real money, and integrated blockchain technology.
  • Players can truly play and earn.

What platforms/devices will it be available on?

Initially AILAND will be available on Windows PCs. We plan to expand to consoles, and mobile in future releases after launch.

How can I earn money in AILAND?

There are several ways to earn:

  • Receive A-Tokens from completing in-game activities
  • Sell rare items and skins in the marketplace
  • Create and sell custom cosmetic items and assets
  • Compete in tournaments with cash prizes
  • Refer friends and get rewards

Is it free to play AILAND?

Yes, AILAND is free-to-play! You can access all core gameplay features without spending any money. Optional in-game purchases are available to unlock cosmetics and premium Battle Pass access.

Is it safe to add real money into AILAND?

Yes, we utilize best-in-class security including encryption, 2FA, and secure blockchain wallet integrations to keep your funds safe. Withdrawals are processed promptly and safely.

Who is behind AILAND?

AILAND is created by an experienced team of game industry enthusiasts with a passion for the future of gaming. Learn more about our team on our website.

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